What to Do After a GSASC Funded Event

Step 1. Fill out the appropriate accounting form that corresponds to the expenditure type used. For reimbursements, fill out the Reimbursement Form and provide digital copies of the itemized receipts. For PO or PTAO expenditures, fill out the PO/PTAO Expenditure Tracking Form.

Step 2. Write a brief report summarizing your event. This report must include: attendance counts, emergent expenses (any penny spent any way other than originally approved, or beyond the funds approved), and worth and efficacy analysis of the event. These reports should be no longer than 1 page in length.

Step 3. Submit reports, expenditure forms, and a copy of the university alcohol approval form (if applicable), in a single email to Brett Evans within 14 days of your event/expenditure. Original receipts must also be provided to Brett within 14 days.