September General Body Meeting

Monday, September 9th 6:00pm

Newcomb South Meeting Room

  1. Welcome

  2. Updates, New, & Reminders

    • Department Updates

      • Question brought up from the History Department regarding access to books during the Alderman construction period – will be followed up on in the next month

    • Student Council Representatives

      • OPEN: two positions

    • Student Council Graduate Affairs Chair

      • OPEN: one position

    • Grad & Professional Student Mental Health Awareness Day

  3. Updates to By-Laws [Vote]

    • Professional Development Committee has been dissolved

      • Passed with none opposed and no abstentions

      • May pursue PhD Plus Liaison in its stead

  4. GSASC PhD Program Questionnaire

    • Townhall meeting Tuesday 9/17/19 at 6:30pm in Nau 211

    • Online form going live the week of 9/9/19 to give feedback

    • Encouraged to participate in both the meeting and online form

  5. Committee Updates

    • Finance Committee (Nick Scott)

      • Funding Requests

        • Sociology colloquium funding

          • Colloquium is open to all UVA students

          • Passed with none opposed and no abstentions

        • Funding for Carter Mountain orchard trip over fall break

          • Passed with none opposed and no abstentions

        • Funding for tailgate at Alumni Hall

          • Passed with none opposed and no abstentions

    • Honor Committee (Adam Huckaby & Charlotte McClintock)

      • Module Discussion

        • Timing of module could be modified

        • Pamphlets to be circulated

        • Discussion of best resources to convey and refresh information about Honor

        • Feedback welcome on Honor module

    • University Judiciary Committee (Kyle Chattleton & Jacob Botsford)

      • No updates

    • Initiatives Committee (Rob Dyer & Natalia Perez)

      • Working on removing fee (reimbursement or otherwise) for gym access during the summer

      • Graduate students should be eligible for student rate over the summer, rather than the full rate for non-students

    • Social Committee (Tyler Wake)

      • Apple picking trip to Carter Mountain Orchard 10/6/19

        • Transportation will be provided

      • Tailgate with alumni association 10/19/19 (vs. Duke) at Alumni Hall

    • Professional Development Committee

      • Officially no longer exists

    • Research Committee

      • Will be more active in the GSASC research grants this year

  6. For the Good of the Order