Minutes from August 3, 2015


Welcome and Introductions

·      Wolfpack Form and Types of Representatives: The Wolfpack form will be sent out in the next few days. Submit your interest in committees and GSASC. Also, please indicate if you are a voting representative of your department.

·      Number of Voting Reps per Department: Voting reps must be elected or selected by your department. We now have new rules governing the number of voting reps per department given current grad student enrollment.

·      Voting Rep Job Description:

o   Attend GSASC monthly meetings.

o   Vote for motions at meetings.

o   Serve on one of the five committees in GSASC.

o   Forward GSASC emails to your department.

o   If a voting rep position is not filled by your department, you are forfeiting your department’s vote in GSASC.

·      Email List Update: The GSASC email list will soon be purged. An email will be sent out later this week requesting if you would like to be removed from the list.

·      GSAS Orientation Recap: Thanks for volunteering! Everything went well.

·      Alcohol and Sexual Misconduct training modules: Please email Stephanie Miller Lehman with feedback on the modules. In particular, we are looking for feedback on the sexual misconduct module.


UJC representative nomination: CJ Anderson (Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology) - approved


Committee Descriptions and Updates:

·      Research Committee –Andrea Daamen and Cory Weller

o   Committee Description: Organizing and planning the Huskey Graduate Research Exhibition (March 21, 2016).

§  In particular, we need Arts & Humanities students represented.

§  Meetings start in October.

·      Professional Development Committee –Angela Zeigler and Jennifer McDaniels

o   Committee Description: Organizing and planning Grad Days in the spring, which includes social and professional events.

·      Initiatives Committee –Brynn Cook and Dionisios Kavadias

o   Committee Description: Advocate for graduate students to the administration.

§  Currently working on clarifying a White Paper policy for sexual misconduct.

§  Also interested in tacking graduate student health insurance policy.

·      Social Committee – Nick Rich and Akin Odeleye

o   Committee Description: Organizing social events for graduate students.

o   PhD Movie Update - Ben Liebov: The movie costs an expensive $800, so we are looking for funding from other graduate schools. The movie may be on hold until we find enough funding.

o   Back to School GSASC Happy Hour at Wild Wing, Friday 9/11, 7-9pm. Food will be provided.

o   Tailgate, 9/19, 12-3pm for William & Mary football game. Lawn games, food, and drink provided. Encourage new students to attend.

·      Finance Committee –Kristin Connor and Tony Boese

o   Committee Description: Managing the GSASC budget, including external funding requests from graduate students.

o   Funding Requests

§  China Dialogue Dinners ($350 requested, $280 recommended) - approved

§  GSASC BTS Happy Hour ($500 requested) - approved

§  GSASC Tailgate ($400 requested) - approved

§  Pan-European Grad Conference ($800 requested, $400 recommended) - approved

§  Microbiome Interest Group ($75 recommended) - approved


Next Meeting: Monday, October 5th, 6 PM, Newcomb Gallery