Meeting Minutes- 09 September 2013

Meeting Chaired by Ben Vaughan (VP of Communications)

Welcome (Ben)

New Members

  • Passed around a form for new members to be added to the gsasc list

Wolfpack form (Trish)

  • The wolfpack form has been redesigned for the 2013-2014 year, and will be sent out to all members in the coming weeks to facilitate committee assignments

Individual Meetings with Reps (Trish and Mike)

  • Trish and Mike will be scheduling short meetings with all voting reps over the course of the next few months to gather information about how different departments work, and to identify any hardships they are facing that we can help with
  • Please make an effort to find a time that works for both you and the VP’s, since we need to have this completed before December

Graduate and Family Housing Update (Kaycie and Amy)

  • Brief recap of the challenges facing grad housing residents and the GFHA (see previous meeting minutes for more detail)
  • GSASC has drafted a statement of support for the GFHA (distributed before the meeting) which we would like to send to the administration ASAP
  • Question: Why was the money taken away?
  • A: Restructuring, needed to make housing self-sustainable
  • Q: What was Dean Perez’s response?
  • A: None, can’t get a meeting with her. Working with Dean Laushway to help get a meeting, and this statement will hopefully help
  • Vote to approve the statement: Approved unanimously

GSASC Rep Job Description (Mike)

  • Three main responsibilities of voting reps:
  • Serve on a committee
  • Attend all meetings
  • Forward emails sent to the GSASC list
  • These responsibilities represent the minimum required participation from voting reps, all are free to serve on more than one committee, etc…

Committee Updates:

  • Clarification (Ben)→ The gsasc general body meetings are a time for committee chairs to recap what their committee has been working on since the last meeting. While quick questions are fine, and major discussion of issues should be postponed to committee meetings (which are open to all)

Research Committee (Crystal):

  • Mainly responsible for planning Huskey, which will be incorporating digital art this year!
  • Nomination of Maduka as a co-chair
  • Unanimously elected

Social Committee (Sarah and Jake):

  • Responsible for planning social events for grads
  • Recap of happy hour with GESC at Wild Wing Café: very successful, a ton of people attended

Pro Dev (Katie):

  • Summary of GradDays, most events held in the spring

Initiatives (Amy):

  • Orientation went well, meeting with Dean Barnaby for a recap soon, send any feedback to us ASAP
  • Committee is responsible for addressing issues of graduate student concern (eg. tuition, orientation, etc…)

Budget Committee (Danielle):

  • Work to disseminate the GSASC budget both to council events and external organizations. Anything that is run by grads for other grads, we want to fund!

Funding Requests:

  • Chemistry Department Jefferson Lecture
  • Request $800, Recommend $400
  • Approved unanimously
  • Social Happy Hour at Biltmore (Wear your undergrad swag)
  • Request $400, Recommend $400
  • Approved unanimously
  • Cups for Bridging Grounds Meeting
  • Request $315, Recommend $315
  • Approved Unanimously

Next Meeting: October 7th at 6 PM in Newcomb Gallery