Meeting Minutes- 03 September 2008

Call to order: 6 pm

Introductions/New Committees

    * John convened the meeting and had everyone introduce themselves and tell what department they are representing. He asked that everyone sign a roll sheet and pick a committee to join.
Reports and Old Business

    * Athletic Fee Data : John summarized what we accomplished in the last year on this issue (researching other ACC universities- and none have the same policy of a fee with no access) and we discussed where to go next. Getting an article written about the issue was supported by many. The general consensus seemed to be that paying for an ad when we could have someone write an article for free would be premature. Dave agreed to ask StudCo for their support of us in getting something done about this issue. (They did pass a resolution to support us in asking the administration for some recompense for the partial athletic fee).
    * Space: no progress: We will keep sharing an office in Newcomb. There were no rooms in Newcomb available every Monday night for this semester that John was able to reserve. We will move meetings (for at least this semester) to Jordan Hall ABC (which Isaah has reserved) so that we can meet on Mondays at 6 as we have in the past.
Officers/chairs/special reps.
    * Treasurer: Matt talked a little about our budget for the year. It is not finalized yet, so we will try to spend a little less than we did last year.
    * StudCo : Tom would like someone to replace him on StudCo, since he hopes to finish his dissertation this year. This spot is still open. Any takers?
    * No other officers had anything to report.
New Business
    * We filled the slots of representatives from GSASC to the University Judiciary Committee and Honor Committee:
      * UJC reps: Alex Garcia and Elizabeth Ladner
      * Honor reps: Adam Trusner and Heather Mastapeter
    * We approved the Budget for the year unanimously.
    * New Budget Allocations:
      * We voted to fund in full $150 each month ($1200 total) for food for this meeting and future meetings this year.
      * Halloween Party: We voted to fund in full (with the expectation of only spending $700 of the total as long as the venue (West Main) meets it's sales quota of $1400) $2450 for this event to be held Friday, October 31.
      * Happy Hour: We voted to fund in full ($500 for taco bar, drink specials, upstairs room) the September Happy Hour at Baja Bean Co., held September 26.

    * Money towards newspapers: We voted not to fund a Student Council plan to put big name newspapers on campus in the weeks before the Election. They asked us to put in $1000. It did not seem that this could be sure to benefit graduate students and it is also so easy to get news online that it seemed like a waste of money to buy paper newspapers.
    * We voted to amend the by laws concerning the role of the Budget Committee (see below). Simply voting on whether to fund or not fund each request should cut down on lengthy discussion in the general council meeting, freeing up time for speakers and other things we wish to accomplish. All those who wish to have input on budget requests are welcome to attend budget committee meetings (held on Monday nights, one week prior to the general council meeting).
    * With more free time in the meetings, we would like to Invite Speakers. John proposed a list of possible speakers that we can invite and we also added Wendy Perry (who is in charge of Career Services for GSAS)

Proposed Change to by-laws

    * New item is bold, removed items stricken out
    * 3. Any individual or organization requesting funds must deliver a presentation to the Budget Committee.
    * 4. Debates on funding requests shall be closed to all except voting members of the Budget Committee Council. No Budget Committee Council member with a conflict of interest may take part in a funding debate or vote on a request.
    * The Budget Committee shall recommend a specific amount of funding for each submitted request by email to the Council at least three business days before the meeting. The requestor shall be notified immediately of the Committee's decision, and the requestor will be given the opportunity to appeal the recommendation it to the Council.
    * 6. Council will vote on the Budget Committee recommendations as submitted (which will include recommendations to fund, not fund or discuss the issue more in the council meeting), without undue discussion. Further time can be given to discussion of budget recommendations only via majority vote on a motion to that affect.
    * 7. 6. If the individual or organization requesting funds chooses to appeal the Budget Committee's recommendation, the following procedures shall be followed:
      * a. The appeal must be submitted in writing, and may be no longer than one page.
      * b. The appeal must be received by the President at least twenty-four hours before the Council's next regularly-scheduled meeting, at which time the Council is scheduled to vote on the funding request in question.
      * c. The appeal may only challenge the denial of requested funds, and may not request additional funding not stated in the original request.
      * d. The appeal shall be distributed to the Council before it votes on the funding request in question.