Meeting Minutes- 07 October 2013


Reminder: Wolfpack

Committee Updates:

Research Committee (Crystal):

  • Update: space reservation for Huskey
  • Contacted Dean Laushway, will confirm dates ASAP

Pro Dev (Katie and Jef):

  • Recap Bridging Grounds
  • Meeting to connect with other schools about being part of GradDays
  • Different interscholastic happy hours
  • “Science Straight Up” format low key research presentations for the community, all disciplines
  • Case competition to partner with local non-profits to solve problems facing our community
  • First committee meeting went well, starting to look at dates for this year’s GradDays

Initiatives (Kaycie):

Update: GGFHA/GSASC Support Statement

  • Recap of housing issues (see previous meeting minutes)
  • Vicky Hawes has been removed from her position overseeing grad housing
  • Budget has been partially restored ($5000/year for 3 years)
  • While this is still a substantial budget cut, they will not collect voluntary dues because they want to make events open to all grad students
  • Vicky’s replacement has been wonderfully responsive, lease changes have been reversed, and communication with the administration has been reinstated

Social (Jake and Sara):

  • Recap Biltmore Happy Hour
  • Well attended, but theme wasn’t as big of a hit, only observed by ~1/2 the attendees
  • Layout of the upstairs didn’t seem super conducive to socializing… maybe look for a different part of the bar to rent out next time
  • Halloween Happy Hour
  • 11/1 at Escafe 9 PM-2 AM
  • Funding has been secured ($500) from student affairs, requesting additional funding from GSASC
  • No fee will be charged for admission, Escafe will be closed for the evening
  • Will reach out to other schools, but they are all having their own events that night, so we aren’t expecting a ton of other people

Budget Committee (Danielle):

  • Social Committee Halloween Party
  • Request $700, Recommend $700
  • Approved unanimously

Connections Email (Ben):

  • Looking for more events for October Connections email, send them to Ben by Wednesday
  • If you have any suggestions about how to make Connections more accessible to students, let Ben know ASAP.