Meeting Minutes- 03 October 2011

Meeting convened in the Monroe Hall, Room 110 at 6 pm


Guest Speakers

  Ben Popovich (Alternative Spring Break)

     Spring and Winter break at (international/domestic) locations to do service work. For example: environmental conservation, disaster relief, education in less developed nations. Many trips go to South or Central America.

     Students pay for their own trips.

     Application deadline for Winter trips: 06 October

     Application deadline for Spring trips: 30 October

     For more info see

  Dean Laushway

     Back Room space will improve after the Newcomb Hall renovations. Grad students are encouraged to continue using the space so it's not lost. Dining Services would like to see graduate students using it.

     11 October: Dining Services sponsoring a Wine and Cheese event in the Garden Room on the West Range.

     02 December: Wine and Cheese extravaganza/mixer with professional schools. Will be in Harrison Auditorium.

     Don't be shy about thinking of social events and bringing them to our attention


  Emily Charnock (TA Honor Guide)

     Project with the Honor Committee to better inform graduate students about Honor.

     Would like to do a presentation about honor during TA training days. Didn't work out this year.

     Draft of Honor Code guidebook has been approved and will be incorporated into the Faculty and TA Handbook. The Teaching Resource center is also looking at it, for possible future inclusion in training programs.

     Draft will be emailed to GSASC.

    Comment from Mike S.: This is a good effort. There are also other areas where GSASC might be able to collect and distribute information. If you (reps) have other ideas, bring them to the attention of Initiatives.

  Shaili Shah - StudCo Replacement

     Will be graduating/leaving in December, need a replacement for StudCo.

     Dave Hondula is the other Rep but is out of town this semester. Would be good to have a total of 3 Reps to distribute the workload

     StudCo has weekly meetings to discuss student body related events, initiatives, and some funding requests.

     Fun group to be involved with, looking for willing members.

  Meeting with Zelikow

     We are getting a career services replacement hire. Zelikow would like 2-3 interested graduate students to be involved with the entire application/selection process. E. Ladner is coordinating.

     Restructuring of Sciences - Would like students to provide input. E. Ladner coordinating.

     Looking for permanent space office space for GSASC (committee meetings, storage, etc), plus a meeting room to use.

     Q: Can we get an update on Sciences Restructuring?A: Ilon: Yes, will send something out. But please provide input on this to GSASC and we'll communicate it. The process is still ongoing.

     Q: Was he receptive to Women's Issues concerns?A: He was receptive and said he's been working on it last year and continuing this year.


     Most GSASC Work is done by committees. There will be a new process to assign people to committees, compared to previous years

    Initiatives Committee (Crystal Richardson)

       Have started looking into the following items:

        - Health Insurance

        - Women's Issues (Maternity Leave)

        - Canned Food Drive

    Social Committee (Katie)

        No October happy hour due to the 11 Oct Wine and Cheese Event.

        28 October - Halloween Party. Trying to get a DJ this year.

        Mid-Nov. - Local Brewery tour.

    Huskey (Research) Committee (Shawn)

        In holding pattern, waiting for room reservations.

Funding Proposals

  AWP Travel Conference - Conference Funding

     Recommendation to not fund as GSASC doesn't fund individual travel. Motion seconded, unainmously approved.

     Comment that we might look into the issue of MFA students needing to work for journals due to lack of TA positions.

  Halloween Party

     28 October. Request $2000, which is $200 more than in the past, to facilittate a DJ. Typically the allocation isn't fully used, and after ticket sales GSASC is only on the hook for $400.

     Motion to approve funding, seconded, Unanimous approval.

Questions, Concerns, and Comments

   Women's Concerns Council has been formed in psychology to investigate maternity leave issue in the dept.

   Economics is the only department that doesn't cover non-topical research fees (maybe Anthropology doesn't either?). Since the other departments all do, perhaps we should look into this.

   PhD Comics Movie showing at 7pm on 11 October in Chemistry Auditorium. Blurb to forward to departments will be sent soon.

   There is an email on the grad council website, can be used for submitting ideas.



   Do we like the room? Yes - but squeaky chairs.

   Next meeting: 07 November, 6pm. Monroe 110.

   Email execs if interested in positions.

Meeting adjourned.