Meeting Minutes- 04 October, 2010

  • Meeting convened in the Newcomb Hall Back Room at 6 pm

Guest Speaker: Dean Fatton, Associate Dean for Graduate Academic Programs

    * His office is involved in GSAS admission and works as advocates for the graduate students.
    * He reported on the current assessment of graduate programs. The result may be a restructing of programs to make UVa more competitive. Other possibilities include shrinking programs to ensure all students are fully funded. A report will be issued to the Chairs by the end of the month, with any restructuring occuring by next year.
    * His office is also analyzing the NRC results. UVa's reputation is okay, while we didn't fare as well in the s-rating. However, it is unclear how useful the ratings are, as they are based on 2005-2006, and significant changes have occurred in GSAS since then.

Reports and Old Business

    Officers / Chairs / Special Representatives
        * The Back Room now has a refrigerator, microwave, and lockers. It is open to all students between 10am-2pm(3?), but is otherwise reserved for graduate students.
        * 2nd VP: Nothing to note.
      Life Commitee
        * Update on Topics: Child Care: Julie spoke with Dean Fatton about child care (he wanted an estimate on graduate student cost of living - wants feed back from us before responding)
        * Future projects - agreed to renew support for Wendy Perry in form of research backed support letter (she had research with packet -- have to still write another letter
        * Space for Graduate Students: Pavillion in Newcomb has small overflow room. We'd still have to share with dining during peak hours. Dean Laushway really wants to see us take advantage (test drive it for 2 years until it undergoes renovations). Increased traffic is key. In past, without specifics of use, etc., we've been booted so we need to keeep track of this. This is an opportune moment to seize it, so use it any way possible.
        * Maternity Leave: Dean Fatton - Maternity Leave has no written policy - Important issue; he was open to making it clearer (especially in relation to faculty); email came from him saying he'd brought it up and he's not sure it is going to get on teh agenda this year because budget is tough. Still, going to get info together on peer institutions. He's currently writing something about the cost of living. He sent out an email to members and he'd like to get other's feedback about this
        * Sexual Harrassment: The ?Univeristy specifically focuses on sexual harrassment as pertains to employment as grad students. Are they employees or students? EEO says needs to be told orally about policy. Jenny will research other peer institutions policies. There will be a orientation day for all next year and perhaps EEO can do somethign on that day to educate all students at once.
        * Budget meetings will happen Wednesdays before the general GSASC meeting.
      Social Committee
        * Good turnout at the tailage. The next tailgate will be at the homecoming game.
        * The hike to Carter mountain had relatively low turnout.
        * There will be a happy hour on homecoming weekend, in combination with the med school.
        * Wine tasting Oct 21 at Market Street.
        * Halloween Party on Oct 29
        * Working on an Octoberfeset brewery tour
        * Open to organization of unofficial carpools for the Oct 30th rallys in DC.
        * There is a standing kickball challenge to other departments from Classics.
        * Earliest Huskey planning start. Working on organizing rooms. The Newcomb ballroom is unavailable due to rennovation. The Rotuna won't work either. Looking at alternative locations.
      Student Council Rep
        * Studo has organized a shuttle bus to the Richmond aiport for Thanksgiving and Christmas
        * Water will be available at football games when the temperature is above 90 F
        * (Bright green) umbrellas will soon be available outside buildings for general use. Students will be required to sign honor pledge to take them out
        * Studco will be meeting with police to discuss the apparent increase in crime at the Corner and surrounding areas.
      Honor Commmittee
        * Honor is trying to improve contact with students through departments and clubs.
        * To counter a perceived abnormally high aquittal rate, Honor is investigating a modification of jury options: either eliminate the random all-student jury, or set all jurys to be a mix of students and Honor committee members. This is due to fears of frequent jury nullification in the random student jurys.
        * Vote on whether GSASC members supported the removal of an all-student jury option: 0-12.
      Student Health Insurance Committee
        * Introductory meeting occurred this past Friday. The committee makes a recommendation to VP Lampkin.
        * Aetna will makek a proposal on 13 October for the 2011-2012 school year.
        * How the health insurance money is allocated depends on department (for GSAS).
        * GSASC will send an email to students about summer health costs at the end of the Spring semester.
New Business
    GSASC Co-sponsorship of "Future of Africana Studies" Forum
      * Co-sponsorship was requested, with no request for funding. Approved unanimously.
    GSASC By-laws
      * There is no language in the By-laws regarding speaking on behalf of GSASC, proposed draft of by-law to require a vote to permit anyone to speak on behalf of GSASC. Suggestion was well received, Elizabeth Ladner will draft a new By-law for the next meeting.
    Funding Requests
      * Graduate Student Yoga: unanimous vote to table funding motion. Additional information needed.
      * Program in Art and Architectureal History Bi-Annual Graduate Student Symposium: $1000 requested. Discussion, motion to fund at $400. Approved unanimously for $400.
      * Social Committee Requests
        - Refund Lauren Klos for Overages at last Happy Hour: $116. Passes unanimously.
        - Oct Happy Hour: $300. Passes unanimously.
        - Homecoming Tailage: $100. Passes unanimously.
        - Halloween Party: $1800. Passes unanimously.
        - IM Team Funding: $600. Passes unanimously.
    Back Room Lockers
      * How to regulate locker usage so they aren't "hoarded".
      * Require people to put computing ID on locks so they can be contacted if locker space becomes and issue. All locks will be removed if they don't have a computing ID.
      * Alternately, have a sign-in sheet.
Other Business
    * Elizabeth is putting together the connections email, so if you have anything for inclusion, email her with it.
Meeting adjourned.