Meeting Minutes- 04 November 2013



Step Up UVa program feedback (Dean Laushway):

  • Bystander training program rejuvenated by undergrads
  • Recent study on bystander behavior as a result of a notorious murder in NYC
  • There were witnesses to an attack, but were unable to do anything to prevent it→ bystander syndrome
  • 6 years ago, UVa student murdered by boyfriend while both were intoxicated
  • students voiced concerns about this behavior, and the inability of others to prevent this
  • Started a training program to help students be aware of and recognize the signs of domestic aggression
  • Because of the graduate student role interacting with undergrads, we are in a unique position to recognize this behavior and help stop it
  • We are invited to take part in this training to help students and each other
  • Dean Laushway is looking for interested students who would like to be part of this training (in person workshop)→ email him for more information, or if you are interested in the training

New Honor Committee Rep Needed (Noah Egge):

  • 27 person committee
  • responsible for presenting at orientations, educating grad students about the honor code
  • if you are interested in being an honor rep, email Noah (

Awards/Events list from each department for Public Week Committee (Oat):

  • University is resurrecting public week in which the university opens its grounds to the public to show what we do here
  • Need our help to identify departmental events that could be going on throughout the year to avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Please email Oat by the end of the month with a list of all events that go on in your department throughout the year

Individual Rep Meetings Reminder (Trish/Mike):

  • Trying to start scheduling meetings for Monday evenings, but can be flexible
  • List was sent out of interview topics, but also feel free to bring individual department concerns that are not on the list
  • For more info about the rep interviews, see past minutes

Committee Updates:

  • Research Committee (Crystal/Maduka):
  • Huskey “Call for sessions” interdisciplinary sessions
  • Changing part of the structure of Huskey to make it more interdisciplinary
  • In addition to arts and humanities sessions, will have interdisciplinary breakout sessions to unify different disciplines
  • Planning to just focus on arts and humanities for now, but might incorporate sciences as well
  • First committee meeting was earlier in October, date has been set for 3/18
  • To avoid problems from last year, will have an AV specialist at each session
  • ProDev (Ben):
  • Tentative Schedule for GradDays
  • Looking to be more interdisciplinary this year with the help of the VPR office
  • Working with Melissa Hurst to incorporate Pro Dev events into GradDays
  • Initiatives (Amy):
  • On-grounds facilities for grad parents
  • Complaint raised about the lack of changing tables on grounds
  • Contacted facilities about whether these are actually present, and if not, how we can get more
  • If interested in this, contact Amy
  • Documentation of TA workload
  • Website created in history department to track TA hours and identify discrepancies
  • Social (Jake/Trish):
  • Halloween Party Recap
  • Very successful, 200+ attendees
  • Escafe was a great venue for this
  • Plenty of food, great dancing
  • Difficulty handing out prizes later in the night
  • Novemberfest
  • Horse and Hound 11/15
  • Outdoor space reserved for this, but will also be selling grad council cups for $5 (also get a drink ticket)
  • Will get future discounts on drinks at GSASC happy hours with cup
  • Suggestion box comment that people would like to see more social events that are not affiliated with a bar/alcohol
  • If you have suggestions, let Trish/Sara/Jake know via email

Budget (Danielle):

  • UVA French Film Festival
  • Request $1000, Recommend $500
  • Approved unanimously
  • EnviroDay
  • Request $400, recommend $400
  • Approved unanimously
  • GPSA talk series
  • Request $60, Recommend $60
  • Approved Unanimously
  • Novemberfest
  • Request $500, Recommend $400
  • Approved Unanimously

Meeting adjourned