Meeting Notes - 03 September 2012

Normal meeting space is in Newcomb Gallery. We have the room every Monday from 5:30-7:30pm; all council meetings there, plus committee meetings.

George: description of members (voting vs not)

Mike: we will have nameplates for everyone at the next meeting

Committee Descriptions

Initiatives (Mike on behalf of Crystal)

Deals with issues affecting graduate students.

Focus for the coming year:

  • Parental Leave Policy
  • Establishing a Volunteering sub-committee. aimed at volunteer service activities

Budget Committee (Mike)

Committee meets the week before the general meeting. Hears funding requests, makes recommendations to the general body.

Voting members are allowed to come to budget committee meetings, not required. Will establish a list of "regulars" to ensure there are sufficient numbers to debate and make recommendations.

Professional Development (Madison)

New committee this year, established to organize Grad Days event. If you're interested in graduate student professional development, come talk to Madison Stellfox.

Research Committee (Evan and Kaycie)

Mainly plan the Huskey Research Exhibition. This year it will happen at the end of March. Grad students can present oral and poster presentations on their research. Gives practice talking about your research to a general audience.

Social Committee (Trish)

Tailgate coming up, shared with the Batten School. Sept 28th.

October 13th, working on a tailgate, with cornhole tournament.

Halloween Party; rent out a bar for the night. Often at West Main. Prize for best costume.

Talk to Trish if you want to help plan social events.

Digitization of Dissertations - Megan Bowen

Princeton ran into issues with distribution of dissertations electronically, journal refusing to publish things that are "already available". Princeton fixed this by allowing authors to put a 5 year hold on their dissertations to comply with journals' issues with pre-published.

Budget Requests - Mike

Full budget will come in October, need to approve some line items.

Jefferson Lecture of Chemistry

Recommend to fund at $500. Participation from multiple departments expected, allocation per expected grad student attendance is within expected levels, previously funded, and is an academic event.

Funded at $500.

(INTERNAL) Committee Food Funding

Establish "work for food" incentive for committee meetings.

$1000 per year for food at grad council general and committee meetings.

Q: How is the budget usually? Do we sometimes have money left over?

A: Yes, we usually have money left over.

Motion to fund at $1000, seconded. Passes unanimously.

(INTERNAL) Grad Student IM Funding

$500 requested to fund grad student IM teams. We like to promote graduate student interaction and healthy lifestyles. 50% of the team have to be from GSASC.

Previously funded,

Motion to fund at $500, seconded. Passes unanimously.

(INTERNAL) Grad Student Leadership Summit

$750. Getting together the exec council members from various grad schools around grounds together to plan events. Not many inter-school events in the past, so we're trying to forge connections and hold joint events.

Trella has money to spend, but it can only be spent on inter-school events. This reception will work as a springboard for future events, including Grad Days.

Motion to fund at $750, seconded. Passes unanimously.