Meeting Minutes- 01 April 2013

Welcome- Ilon

  • Committee Acknowledgements

ITS (Madison):

  • Looking for 6 grad students for focus group on 4/10, look for email soon

Committee Updates:

  • Initiatives (Crystal and Amy):
    • Sending out an email soon about “winner dinner” looking for potential awards to be acknowledged
  • Prof. Dev. (Madison and Ellie):
    • Come to GradDays Events going on for the remainder of the week
    • Tomorrow: Tips for Publishing
    • Wednesday: Tips for getting Funding
    • Thursday: L. Maren Wood’s keynote on Alternative Careers and around the world career workshop
  • Research (Kaycie):
    • Huskey was AWESOME!
  • Social (Trish and Mike LaForest):
    • St Patrick’s Day Happy Hour- went very well
    • GradDays Happy hour went well also
    • Gathering at the Biltmore 6-9 on Saturday
    • Grad Prom is progressing, will hear more at next meeting

Budget and Tuition Updates (Mike Schreck):

  • Funding Requests:
    • Social Committee Happy Hour Etc…
      • May be put off until summer
      • Request: $400
      • Recommend to fund at $400
      • Approved
  • Tuition Updates
    • Mike has put together a 2 page document to be distributed to grad students about the proposed tuition changes
    • Passed around to look over, looking for support for handing out
    • Dave Hondula: This document seems informative, and relatively friendly toward the administration. It will likely not cause fallout from the administration.
    • Morgan Fisher: Looking for clarification about withdrawal/readmission process.
      • Mike: This is going to vary on a department by department basis, hard to make a general statement in this form. Contact your DGS for more info.
    • Amy Grady: Confused that people were grandfathered into new payment structure, but not into new tuition structure.
      • Mike: This is hard because there are a lot of official bodies that tuition decisions pass through, so it is hard to grandfather in this way. The administration feels that the departments have been given money to offset this, but it is up to them how they use it. Any individual hardship cases should be compiled and presented to the administration.
    • Ilon: Do we want this to be distributed with our blessing?
      • Ellie Kaknes: Yes, there is a lot of misinformation, and this would help to clarify.
      • Motion to distribute, passed unanimously.


  • President:
    • Nominee- Oat Arporntip
      • Elected Unanimously
  • VP Administration:
    • Nominee- Trish Lauck
      • Elected Unanimously
  • VP Operations:
    • Nominees- Crystal Richardson, Mike LaForest
      • Vote by Secret Ballot: 14-7 in favor of Mike LaForest → Elected
  • VP Communications:
    • Nominee- Ben Vaughan
      • Elected Unanimously
  • VP Finance:
    • Nominee- Nivi Prabakaran
      • Elected Unanimously
  • Chairs:
    • Social: Jake Borish and Sara Atwood
      • Elected Unanimously
    • Initiatives: Amy Grady
      • Elected Unanimously
    • Prof. Dev.: Vacant
    • Research: Vacant
    • Budget: Danielle Racke
      • Elected Unanimously
    • Judiciary: Aaron Criss
      • Elected Unanimously
    • StudCo: Erika Brant (interim)
      • Elected Unanimously


  • Mike Schreck and Ilon