Meeting Notes - June 11, 2012

  • Meeting convened in Monroe Hall, Room 124 at 6pm

We will continue meeting over the Summer to ensure continuity between academic years and to be available to address any graduate student related issues if they arise.

Starting in the Fall, our meetings with be in the Newcomb Art Gallery. The room is reserved every Monday from 5:30-7:30pm for GSASC. It would be great for committees to meet during those times.

BBQ & Outdoor Movie

Coming up this Thursday (14 June) at 8 pm.

Contacted Belmont BBQ about food, it will be buffet style. We will need people to help clean up. We may also need to get soft drinks from Kroger if Belmont can't provide them.


George is working on developing a new website for grad council (using wordpress). This will enable more rapid updates and improved functionality. It will be live by 01 July.

Meeting with Dean Barnaby

Late last week, most of the exec board had dinner with Dean Laushway and Dean Barnaby. Dean Barnaby is a new hire (coming from Yale). He is very interested in working with graduate students and is particularly interested in cultivating the mentality of a "graduate student at UVa" instead of only "econ/politics/physics/etc graduate student".

Graduate Student Space

We may be able to reserve non-academic spaces early, so we should talk to them about Newcomb Hall. e.g., for Huskey.