Meeting Notes - 09 July 2012


Movie night review

Over 100 people attended. The food went quickly and the movie was well received. Considering doing another one next year.

Future Events

  • wine tour. GSASC Wine Tour this Saturday, It's booked up now, but Madison can put you on a waiting list. The pick-up location is changing but Madison will send around information to attendees.

Parental Leave Policy Survey (DGSs)

  • Next meeting on this will be in a month.

General GSASC Survey

  • Oat: We should include a prize to motivate people to respond. Give suggestions for prizes
    • free 2 hours of bowling to respondents?
    • Anonymous respondents?

President Sullivan & Board of Visitors

  • We shouldn't forget about the “recognition gap” between the undergrad programs and the graduate programs. Perhaps we can reach out to her and try to address this?
  • What was feedback like regarding our actions? Two people thought we should have issued a stronger statement, no one else really provided input. Only 8-10 people showed up to the Town Hall meeting.
  • Any general knowledge of the feelings on Dragas being reinstated? No broad communication from graduate students.

General Feedback

  • A group has been started for UVa PhDs and postdocs with some events. There's opportunity here to work with Grad Council to get people out and socializing.
  • Can we organize a writing course? Madison: co-chair of professional development committee, they're looking for opportunities for working with administration, career services, etc. on such events.
    • Ilon: do events like this in the Open Grounds space?

August meeting

  • Do we want to have a meeting in August? General consensus is that we should have another informal get-together to generate ideas for the coming year.
  • Graduate student space/storage... we're working on it. No guarantees.