Summer Meeting Locations:

Newcomb Gallery (6/2, 7/7) and Newcomb South Meeting Room (8/4)

Appointments for Ex-Officio Positions:

  • Social Committee Co-Chair: Nick Rich (Classics)
    • Approved unanimously
  • StudCo: Stephanie Lehman (Chemistry)
    • Approved unanimously
  • University Judiciary Committee: Second representative needed by the end of the academic year

GSAS Orientation:

  • Members of executive committee have met with Dean Barnaby to discuss plans for the 2014 summer GSAS orientation
  • Currently booking rooms in Newcomb
  • Last year was the first year graduate students split up into disciplines for more program-specific information for starting graduate school
  • If you have any recommendations or suggestions, please let exec know
  • Will need 15 council volunteers for the lunch portion
    • Will sit at a table and have conversation with the new students about graduate school, answer questions, etc.
  • Further details with the date to come and will send out a sign-up sheet

Committee Updates:

  • Honor Committee (Ben Liebov)
    • Honor at department orientations
      • Requesting all council representatives to unofficially figure out if anything about your department's orientation is drastically different from last year
    • Honor is interested in bringing all of the GSAS departments together and will be planning a wine & cheese some time during the summer to facilitate discussion of Honor
      • Will tentatively set the event some time in the middle of June through the middle of August
  • Research Committee (Diana Dinescu):
    • Thanks to all of the committee and volunteers
    • Announcement of next meeting date
      • Thursday, May 8 at 6pm at El Puerto across from Barracks Shopping Center
      • Inviting all of those interested in joining the research committee to become involved and meet others plus put on a university-wide event
  • Professional Development Committee (Katie Schiermeyer):
    • Co-chairs for GradDays 2015 needed!
  • Social Committee (Brett Chancellor):
    • End of Year Garden Party
      • Saturday, May 10 from 3-5:30 pm in Garden IX with food and drinks
      • Still need event coordinators to check IDs (will use wristbands or mark hands)
        • If you can serve as a coordinator, please email Brett Chancellor
        • For training, email and ask to take the event coordinator training and to be added to the Collab website
    • Wine & Cheese at Alumni Hall
      • Coordinating with Dean Laushway to put on a co-sponsored event with UVa alumni at Alumni Hall (co-sponsors providing the location and food)
      • Will occur later this month or in June
  • Initiatives Committee (Amy Grady):
    • On-Grounds housing
      • Housing made poorly communicated decisions last year that upset graduate students and initiated meetings with housing administration
      • A lot of turnover this year in UVa Housing and resulted in promises previously made not being kept (e.g. increasing rent)
      • Met with Dean Barnaby and is going to help start the dialogue again with housing
      • Currently assembling a concise timeline of events from last year to discuss with new administration
      • If passionate about housing, all are welcome to join and help
    • Dean Barnaby meeting recap
      • Met to discuss the external award policy and review questions
      • In most cases that are unusual, most likely it will be personally handled between you and your DGS
      • Currently making a Q&A pamphlet for graduate students
        • Will target certain disciplines so that applicable to everyone
  • Finance Committee (Danielle Racke):
    • End of Year Garden Party
      • Request $2000, Recommend $2000
      • Approved unanimously
    • Wine & Cheese at Alumni Hall
      • Request $2000, Recommend $2000
      • Approved unanimously
    • First Harmonics Spring Concert
      • Request $500, Recommend $500
      • Approved unanimously

If you need anything to be reimbursed, Nivi Prabakaran needs receipts by June 10 - preferably within the next couple of weeks

Meeting Adjourned, next meeting is 6/2 in Newcomb Gallery