Minutes from March 2, 2015

  • Honor Update
  • University Board of Elections had 3 referendum on the recent ballot regarding the Honor policy:
    • Referendum 1: Passed 85 to 15
    • Referendum 2: Passed 65 to 35
    • Referendum 3: Passed 52 to 48
  • Also, Honor is looking for two new members. Honor is holding a retreat prior to the next GSASC meeting.
  • Elections Next Month- Call for Nominations: All council positions. Executive positions are one year positions. Many executive positions are staying on. Also, committee chairs are also voted in. Look for an email from Ben regarding position turn over. If interested, please email nominations to Ben. We will vote at the next meeting. Also, if you know that you are leaving as a representative, please work to nominate someone or talk to your respective councils.

Committee Updates:

  • Professional Development Committee –Evan Wolfe and Angela Ziegler - There are flyers for the departments. Bring people to all GradDays events at the end of March.
  • Initiatives Committee –Brynn Cook -
    • There is a white paper for the sexual assault policy on grounds. Two points, students would like to see more funding for prevention programs on grounds. Also, TA's do not fully understand the mandatory reporter would like more direct training.
    • SAGE day on the hill: March 21-24 Paul Vereshchetin is representing UVA at days on the hill. It is possible for others to join, but would need to look for additional funding. He is funded through VP of student affairs and the engineering department. Louis Burke Assoc. will help him set up meetings.
  • Research Committee –Diana Dinescu and Andrea Daamon
    • Huskey is happening this month. They need more judges, talk to post-docs and faculty you know. They need more volunteers for the day of the exhibition. For the audience participation, they are offering raffles
  • Update on GradDays Planning


  • Looking for Judges for Huskey

Funding Requests –Tony Boese

1st request: Politics Dept. Grad Student Conf. Requested $610.65 and is recommended to fund entirely. Passed unanimously

2nd request: Classics "A game of thrones" Requested $500 for food. Recommended to fund. Passed unanimously

3rd request: GradDays - Requested $6070. Recommended to fund. We are funding GradDays entirely by GSASC. Passed unanimously

Next Meeting: Monday, April 6th, 6 PM, Newcomb Gallery