Meeting Minutes- 09 March 2009



    Pres. (John Burke)
      * Out of town
    1st VP (Isaah Vincent)
      * Nothing to report
    2nd VP (Elizabeth Head)
      * Nothing to report.
    Treasurer (Matt Rannals)
      * Nothing to report.
    Stud-Co (David Hondula)
      * Alex and Dave were elected to Stud-Co for next year as the GSAS reps. The council was in the middle of prepping for the transition of leadership. They were concerned with the outsourcing of ITC helpdesk staff, but it seems that the university has made the decision. This change will cut about 20 student jobs.
    Judiciary and Social Committee (Alex Garcia)
      * St. Patrick's Day party March 14. Volunteers were needed to work the door.
      * Nothing to report for UJC
    Research Committee (Ken Price)
      * Alex asked for volunteers to set-up and during the day for the Huskey Expo. She also asked that we advertise the event to our departments.

New Business

    * Budget Allocations:
      * English Graduate Student Conference
        * 20 UVA participants, 150 attendees

        * Voted unanimously to fund at $500 of requested $700
      * Promoting Italian Graduate Studies in Virginia
        * Requested $750
        * Program would only benefit Italian Students and Italian department (8 MA students)
        * Voted not to fund at this time
      * Lecture by Dr. María Tausiet: "Taming Madness: Moral Discourse and Allegory in Counter Reformation Spain."

        * 50 attendees, interdisciplinary topic
        * Voted unanimously to fund in full at $170

      * March Grad Student Happy Hour (Date TBA)

        * Previous Foxfields plan has fallen through. We have a bus reserved (for which we should get back all of the money spent) and are working on reserving plots (rather than a tent), which are much cheaper and more accessible.
        * Voted unanimously to fund in full at $500
      * Graduate Student Yoga
        * 5 films
        * 1 class per week for 8 weeks. Classes to be held on Saturdays.
        * Two instructors for about 30 students.
        * Katie would be willing to teach fewer classes and will be in town into the summer.
        * Requested $1440 (for 8 classes)
        * Voted not to fund at this time.
      * Academic Publishing Workshop
        * Invited Barbara De Marco, Editor-in-chief of the prestigious journal Romance Philology, who will address frequently asked questions on publication.
        * April 24-25
        * Requested $500
        * Voted not to fund at this time, pending more information.
      * New World Studies Colloquium
        * 3 UVA participants, 1 outside speaker.
        * French department opening traditional departmental colloquium to a more interdisciplinary subject.
        * Voted unanimously to fund in full at $70
      * Doctoral Nursing Student Poster Showcase
        * 15 student participants
        * Research posters displayed in the breezeway to the Health Sciences Library
        * Voted unanimously to fund at $100 of $200 requested.
      * Iris Magazine
        * Published by the UVA Women's Center
        * Desire to publish more copies and distribute them to Graduate Students
        * Requested $2500
        * Voted not to fund at this time.
      * Graduate Bio-Sciences Society Student Symposium
        * Request an additional $300, already approved $500
        * 50+ Student participants, 250 Expected attendance
        * Voted unanimously to fund additional $300 in full