Minutes from June 1, 2015



·      Professional Development Co-Chair

·      Judiciary Committee Representative

·      SAGE Representative – however, funding is currently questionable for a UVA national representative.



·      July Meeting Date: Mon 7/13 Newcomb Gallery

·      August Meeting Date: Mon 8/3 South Meeting Hall


GSAS Orientation  - August 18th:

·      Volunteers needed:

·      26 volunteers for the luncheon (12 – 1:30pm)

·      6-9 volunteers to check IDs for wine and cheese (4-6pm)


Committee Updates:

·      Social Committee:

o   Finals Coffee Break Recap – Came in under budget, roughly 35 people attended. Perhaps find a more identifiable location for future coffee breaks. Make sure department representatives forward emails about events.

o   Bowling Event Recap – Very successful, 96 people attended (budgeted for 60). Plan for a larger budget for future bowling events.

§  We may want to consider some sort of ID checking for arts and sciences graduate students.

o   No June/July social events

·      Finance:

o   We went slightly over budget this year. Outstanding reimbursements for this year will be taken out of next year’s budget.

·      Initiatives Committee:

o   Sexual Misconduct White Paper – Incorporated changes that we thought would benefit graduate students, along with comments from a forum after the Rolling Stone article.

§  The re-write of the policy should clarify responsibilities of TAs.

·      Ex. when is a TA acting as a friend rather than an employee of the university?

§  Comments are appreciated on the new draft (through email). Please send comments by the end of this week (June 5th).

§  Next, the finalized version will be sent to university deans.


Next Meeting: Monday, July 13th, 6pm, Newcomb Gallery