Special Status Renewal Accepted

September's Meeting to be held on Monday, Sept. 8

Room Reservation System on Grounds:

  • New system premiering July 1
  • Only Ben Vaughan and Katie Schiermeyer will be able to reserve locations for all of GSASC until further notice

Chair and Ex-Officio Position Vacancies:

  • University Judiciary Committee: Second representative needed ASAP
    • Jarek Ervin will draft an email about the position to send out to GSAS
  • Professional Development Committee: Need two co-chairs
  • Research Committee: Will discuss the second chair next meeting


Committee Updates:

  • Social Committee (Nick Rich):
    • BBQ & Movie
      • Friday, June 13
      • Will likely be in the Chemistry Building
      • Tentatively the movie is The Goonies
    • Wine & Cheese
      • End of the month at Alumni Hall
      • Collaboration with the Alumni Association
    • Winery Tour
      • Early August (Tentatively August 3)
  • Initiatives Committee (Amy Grady):
    • External Award Policy Q&A
      • Has been written and will receive edits from the committee this week
      • Will send final copy to Dean Barnaby for his edits
  • Finance Committee (Nivi Prabakaran):
    • Movie BBQ Night
      • Request $2000, Recommend $1550
      • Approved unanimously for $1550
    • Winery Tour
      • Request $550, Recommend $360
      • Approved unanimously for $360


Meeting Adjourned, next meeting is 7/7 in Newcomb Gallery