Chair and Ex-Officio Position Nominations and Vacancies:

  • University Judiciary Committee: Elena Neacsu (Spanish)
    • Approved Unanimously
  • Research Committee: Andrea Daamen (Microbiology, Immunology, & Cancer Biology)
    • Approved Unanimously
  • Professional Development Committee: Co-Chairs Needed

Constitution and Bylaws Updates

  • Constitution- Section 4: In the event that any officer will not be present on grounds for a period of greater than two consecutive months during the academic year, the President may appoint a member of council to serve as an acting officer during the period of their absence.
    • Approved Unanimously
  • Bylaws Summary- Article II B: Change of Budget Committee name to Finance Committee; Article III B: All funding requests must be submitted to the President, Vice-President of Finance, and the Finance Committee Chair no fewer than three days preceding the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Finance Committee.; Article III B: Funding requests for individuals or organizations that are unable to send a knowledgable representative to the Finance Committee meeting may be declined for review until the next month's meeting, at the discretion of the Finance Committee Chair and VP of Finance.; Article III C: The Vice-President of Finance, with the approval of the Finance Committee, shall submit a budget for the upcoming academic year to the Council during the July general body meeting.  After one month of review, the vote to ratify the budget shall be held during the August general body meeting. 
    • Approved Unanimously

August 4 Meeting Location Reminder (Newcomb South Meeting Room)

GSAS Orientation Update- 24 Volunteers Needed (August 20)

  • Requesting GSAS representatives for a lunch-in and for students available all day
  • Lunch volunteers will need to have conversation with a table of ~8 new student for free lunch and are welcome to join the wine & cheese later that afternoon
  • Ben Vaughan will send out an email for sign-ups and contact him if interested (


Committee Updates:

  • Social Committee:
    • BBQ & Movie Night Recap
      • Positive feedback from those who attended
    • Wine & Cheese at Alumni Hall Recap
      • Successful event
      • Looking forward to further collaborating with the Alumni Association
    • Winery Tour
      • Details to be announced via email
    • Potential Back to School Happy House with Graduate Biosciences Society (GBS)
      • Shortly after GSAS Orientation
  • Finance Committee (Danielle Racke):
    • Proposed 2014-2015 Budget
      • Not reviewed by the Finance Committee yet- being proposed by VP of Finance, Nivi- but will be reviewed this month by the committee
      • Money for Huskey and GradDays has been decreased by $500 each with that money going toward the GSASC Social Committee and External Funding Requests by the same amount
      • Will be voted on at the next meeting in August


Meeting Adjourned, next meeting is 8/4 in Newcomb South Meeting Room