Introduction of Dean Laushway

  • Meeting for Graduate TA/RA Students –Monday, Feb 19, 1-3 pm Chemistry auditorium. There is an instituted mandatory reporting for sexual abuse issues (for 


  • The meeting is for graduate students with roles in interacting with undergraduate students about roles and reporting. There is a by-standard training, “Green Dot”; training will be on-going and available to faculty and staff. This trains people for how to report victimization.

  • The meeting will be student led. Deans Laushway and Barnaby will be at the meeting and provide support. The goal is to invite discussion about the role and responsibilities of while working with undergraduates.

  • Ben will send an email to all graduate students. He is encouraging all GSASC reps to be available at the meeting and expects the meeting to discuss the following:

    1. Sexual assault and the new policy

    2. Honor Committee, our role with the committee

    3. University Judiciary Committee

Nominations for Chair and VP Positions:

  • Tony Boese for Finance Committee Chair
    • Approved Unanimously
  • Stephanie Lehman for VP of Communications
    • Approved Unanimously

Committee Updates:

  • Social Committee (Nick Rich):
    • Wine and Cheese with Alumni Hall- 1/14, 5:30-7:30 PM (Wild wings is catering)
    • Three Notch’d Beer Tasting- 1/22 (Thursday, in the back by the 6-9, bring money to tip) parking is available behind the building.

    • Valentine's Day event at Escafe

    • Family Friendly Events – Excursion to bowling lanes? This may require transportation and will be decided if GSASC is providing transportation or paying for the event there.

    • May 25 – Fox Field: Transportation, 2 plots, 40$ a person to attend regardless of a GSASC plot. Some interest from attendees.

  • Professional Development Committee (Evan Wolfe):
    • Grad Days – March 23; starts with Huskey days

    • Pan Grad Mixer with Darden – Jan 23 

    • Will be having a meeting this week; time/date to be determined

  • Initiatives Committee (Alec Hickmott):
    • A survey was sent out at the end of last semester with approximately 25% participation across the GSAS. 

    • The next meeting is next Monday

    • Paul- update on SAGE

      • Since UVA has not participated in the summit, they are not a full member. The next summit is March 20 - 25. “Days on the Hill”

      • Paul will be  defending and will be unable to attend. GSASC needs to nominate another member.

  • Finance Committee (Danielle Racke):
    • Chemistry Student Invited Speaker:- $800
      • Committee recommended $500 and for the group to re-apply for additional money closer to the event if needed
      • Approved Unanimously to fund $500
    • Huskey- $2450
      • Approved Unanimously


Meeting Adjourned, next meeting is 2/9 in Newcomb Hall Gallery Room