Funding Request Form

Before filling out this form, make sure that you are carefully following the guidelines outlined at the Funding page.

Failure to follow those steps will result in rejection of funding.

Please note that priority is given to requests which:

  • impact a broad range of graduate students.
  • clearly advance the academic environment for graduate students.
  • have additional outside funding.
  • increase the exposure of the Council.

Funding cannot be allocated for the following [further details can be found in our by-laws].

  • religious activities
  • philanthropy
  • political activities
  • activities which would jeopardize the University's tax exempt status

IMPORTANT: Please hit "tab" rather than "enter" to move from field to field when filling out the form below. Hitting "enter" will automatically send the request.



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Your Name
Will Alcohol Be Served at This Event? *
If alcohol will be served, have you already submitted an alcohol approval request form to VPSA? *
Alcohol approval is required for all events funded by the graduate student council that are either held on or off grounds. When completing the form, indicate that the event has been approved by the Council and the Graduate School dean’s office and is related to its official University business as a student organization. The approval form can be found here: