February General Body Meeting

Monday, Feb. 1st 2016

6 PM Newcomb Gallery


Welcome and Introductions:

·      Reminder- March Meeting on 3/14

·      GSASC and Ex-Officio Elections in April

o   Formal solicitations will occur at March meeting

·      Honor Elections and Changes to Honor System- Olivia Sabik

o   Honor nominations for a GSASC representative occur through Ben Vaughn, which are needed in the next month.

o   Honor is considering changing UVA’s single sanction policy. University-wide elections will occur next month. Graduate students are encouraged to vote in the election…please vote.


Committee Updates:

·      Initiatives Committee –Brynn Cook and Dionisios Kavadias

o   Student Health Coverage – waiting to receive healthcare data from SAGE.

o   Module Feedback White Paper- Final draft of feedback has been finished, will be sent to exec committee.

o   Brynn is gone until May, so we need a volunteer to cover her chair position. She was in charge of soliciting feedback on student healthcare coverage.

·      Research Committee –Cory Weller and Mike Laforest

o   Judge Recommendations – Committee is soliciting GSASC for recommendations for quality judges. Please email Cory or Mike with recommendations.

o   Flyer Distribution- Flyers are printing, and will be distributed to reps this week.

·      Professional Development Committee –Angela Zeigler and Jennifer McDaniels

o   GradDays Schedule Update – March 21 – 26, schedule will be posted on GSASC website.

o   T-Shirt Design Contest- Contest will be held with the bookstore in the next week weeks.

·      Social Committee –Nick Rich and Akin Odeleye

o   Winter Formal Recap- well attended, no snags

o   No events in February

·      Finance Committee –Kristin Connor and Tony Boese

o   Funding Requests (4):

o   External: GBS Symposium ($400 – approved), Debate Tournament ($60 – approved)

o   Internal: Huskey Research Exhibition($1850 – approved)

o   Not heard by committee: IM Request ($60 – approved)


Next Meeting: Monday, March 14th, 6 PM`, Newcomb Gallery