MEETING MINUTES- 9 February 2015


Initiatives Co-Chair Vacancy

  • Let Ben know if you're interested

Sexual Assault Meeting Recap (Amy Grady)

  • Held on MLK day, turnout of ~250
    • Honor committee gave an update on the honor code and why sexual assault is not technically an honor offense
    • UJC was absent, but their role will be clarified in a followup email
    • Dean Eramo spoke about how Grad Students should handle reporting
    • Mandatory online training modules will be implemented soon, and we will roll this training into GSAS orientation as well
    • We will continue to work with the Dean's office on this
    • Sending out a followup email soon with links to resources

Honor Committee (Alex Morgan and Ben Liebov)

  • Referendum for the single sanction repeal, more info at
    • General meeting Feb 17th in UVA Chapel
    • Curry School does a survey every 2 years on reporting, and incidents self-reported at UVA significantly lower (~16%) than at peer institutions (~80%)
  • Honor reps will be vacating their positions soon, if you're interested in replacing them, let Ben know

Committee Updates:

  • Social Committee (Nick Rich and Brett Chancellor):
    • Stoplight Party at Escafe- Friday, February 13
      • 9-11 PM
    • Coffee and Bagels event for finals
      • Designed to engage first and second year students
      • Widespread interest, more details will be forthcoming
  • Professional Development Committee (Evan Wolfe):
    • Update on GradDays planning

      • Tentative Schedule in place

      • Website with schedule will be going live soon

      • Need committee members, if you're interested, contact Evan

  • Initiatives Committee (Amy Grady):
    • Sexual Assault Policy Survey

      • Looking for feedback on how to disseminate survey data

      • ~320 respondents, ~20% of GSAS

      • Link to data will be provided in follow up email from Sexual Assault meeting

      • Any ideas should be forwarded to Brynn

  • Research Committee (Andrea Daamon and Diana Dinescu):

    • Huskey Abstract Submission Open

      • ooking for humanities reps to help get the word out in their departments

    • Flyer Distribution

      • flyers were handed out, if you department didn't get any, contact Diana or Andrea

  • Finance Committee (Tony Boese):
    • GBS Symposium- $500
      • Approved Unanimously
    • EnviroDay- $200 (second request)
      • Approved Unanimously
    • Stoplight Party- $1200
      • Approved Unanimously
    • Jefferson Lecture in Chemistry- $400 (second request)
      • Approved Unanimously
    • Sociology Research Competition- $400
      • Approved Unanimously
    • China Dialogue Dinners- $220
      • Approved Unanimously
    • Biology Grad Student Career Fair- $325
      • Approved Unanimously


Meeting Adjourned, next meeting is 3/2 in Newcomb Hall Gallery Room