Meeting Minutes- 03 February 2014


University Board of Elections (Krishna Korupolu)

  • Low voter turnout among grad students
  • Looking for ways to get in touch with grad students about these nominations
  • Responsible for electing ex-officio positions

Nomination process for exec and chair positions (Oat):

  • Call for nominations starting today and going until 1 week before the next meeting
  • Email Oat with nominations, self nominations are acceptable
  • Job descriptions will be emailed out after the meeting

Committee Updates:

Research Committee (Crystal/Maduka):

Dates and Financial Support for Huskey

  • 3/18/14, Newcomb Hall 3rd floor
  • All funding secured from VPR ($5000) and Dean ($5000) and GSASC ($2150)

Keynote Speakers

  • Deans Woo and Laushway

Need help distributing posters

Initiatives Committee (Amy):

Parental Leave Policy Update:

  • Parental leave has morphed into "childbirth accommodation policy", now on to faculty senate for approval

Update on UVa Strategic Planning:

  • Teresa Sullivan addressed Faculty Senate about strategic planning, address available online
  • “Total advising:” students need more help than faculty input, looking to form advisory committees that would encompass administrators from outside the department
  • Originally geared towards undergrads, now looking to include grads, but not sure how. Need our input.
  • Opportunities for interdisciplinary research funding, but no idea on the topics. Relying on input from grads and faculty to help shape these events

Sexual harassment:

  • UVa is hosting a national conference on sexual harassment on college campuses next week.
  • Hopefully this will result in the generation of an official policy at UVa.

Social Committee (Jake):

Stoplight Party 2/14 at Escafe:

  • Same as last year, combined with some successful parts of the Halloween party

3 social events in the works for GradDays

Pro Dev Committee (Katie/Jef):

Finalized Dates and Events for GradDays:

  • Monday 3/17 – Saturday 3/29
  • Event schedule nearly finalized

T-shirt design contest:

  • Email went out last week, already received some submissions
  • Email with questions

Budget Committee (Danielle):

Grad Student Consulting Group Web Hosting:

  • Request $130.95, Recommend $130.95
  • Approved unanimously

Graduate Biosciences Society Symposium:

  • Request $500, Recommend $500
  • Approved unanimously

German Grad Studies Conference:

  • Request $500, Recommend $500
  • Approved unanimously

Social Committee Stoplight Party:

  • Request $1200, Recommend $1200
  • Approved unanimously

Additional Funding for French Film Festival:

  • Request $500, Recommend $500
  • Approved unanimously

Next meeting: 3/3, Newcomb Gallery