Meeting Minutes- 06 February 2012

 Meeting convened in the Minor Hall, Room 130 at 6 pm


Guest Speakers

  Melissa Hurst - Career Services Director

     Hired this academic year as the new director of Career Services for GSAS. Background: PhD from Univ of S. Carolina, postdoc at the Curry School.

     Office is in 118 Randall Hall. Website:

     Currently working to implement the programs and services students requested in surveys (e.g., opt-in listserv, website updates).

     Talking with the Teaching Resource Center about re-starting the Professional Development Workshops

     See above webite for contact information and to schedule an appointment.

  Phil Trella - Assistant VP of Graduate Studies

     Started in August, has since hired Melissa Hurst (Career Services).

     As there is no central graduate school at UVa, his office coordinates common issues between the schools (e.g., health insurance, fellowship competitions, postdoc affairs, career developemnt). Office is in 110 Varsity Hall.

     He wants to improve online resources. This includes a UVa Opportunity Base to collect fellowship and scholarship information. DGSs will be encouraged to submit items to this.

     Assembling a group of 10-15 students from various schools to meet with on a regular basis.

     Would like to help foster the culture of graduate studies at UVa. His office would coordinate graduate students at UVa when facing issues common to the population.

     Office is working to retool the fellowship budgets. Some past fellowship activity has been unsustainable. This will be solved and hopefully new opportunities will be provided in the next few years. This includes interdisciplinary work or targeted fellowships for difficult to cover areas (e.g., dissertation year fellowships, summer work for Arts and Humanities.

  Dean Laushway

     Has been at UVa for 22 years. Is the liaison and support for GSAS, including securing funding. Office on the 2nd floor of Peabody Hall.

     Oragnized last year's "Grad Week" event. Looking to continue that this year with "Grad Days" - starting with Huskey and ending with UVERS.

     Is a resource for instrutors who have students experiencing issues.


    Initiatives Committee - Kate

        Kate Sanger is the new Initiatives Committee co-Chair (replacing Elizabeth Ladner).

       Email about Grad Days will go out soon. People are encouraged to get involved with the planning. Social committee will coordinate the social events.

       Dissertation Year Fellowships - Elizabeth

        - Meeting with Trella was postponed, Email exchange implied funding was still available but was up to the discretion of departments. Will follow up on this and get specifics.


        Q: Is the maternity leave issue still on the table?

            A: Yes, will coordinate with that sub-committee about how to move forward.

        Q: Could we contact Trella about maternity leave?

        A: Yes, we should.

    Social Committee (Katie)

       February happy hour on 29 Feb, 5:30-8pm at the Backyard.

       Will have a meeting soon to discuss ideas for Grad Days. Let her know if you have any ideas.

        - (Ilon) We are going to have other graduate schools sponsor events, but we are looking to spearhead the overall event. Initiatives committee will take the academic side, Social will handle the social events.

        - (Laushway) Has access to funds, most of them are from the Commonwealth though, so they can't be used for alcohol. Need to think of other ways to fund alcohol as part of the gathering.

        - (Elizabeth) Grad Council's amended bylaws enable us to pay for alcohol.

    Huskey (Research) Committee (Shawn)

       Abstract submissions are open through the 24th.

       We are short on judges. We have 30 now, but most are from the sciences. There are no Arts and Humanities Judges and only 3 social science judges. We need more judges - ask postdocs. Also, presenters providing their own judges are guaranteed entry.

       Discipline specific judging forms will be created, an Arts and Humanities person is needed to help with this.

       Volunteers would be appreciate for the day of the event.

       Robert Huskey will be around for the event again.


        Q: Can we send you specific faculty names of people who might be inclined to judge and have the Committee follow up?

        A: Yes, please send us the names.

Funding Proposals

  February Happy Hour

     $400 requested for appetizers at the Backyard on 29 Feb.

     Motion to fund, seconded, passes unanimously.

  Classics Conference

     Request for a further $300 to cover additional expenses ($500 was given earlier). Recommendation from the Budget Committee to fund provide the additional $300.

     Motion to fund the additional $300, seconded, passes unanimously.

  German Conference

     $500 request, 50 participants estimated.

     Motion to fund at $500, seconded, passes unanimously.

Questions and Concerns

   End of on-grounds housing for graduate students: Studnet heard most housing will be phased out with the exception of the range. GSASC will look into this.

   There is a suggestions button on the GSASC website.


   Next meeting would occur during Spring Break. Will reschedule. The next meeting will be 27 February 2012 at 6pm.


Meeting adjourned.