Meeting Minutes- 02 February 2009


Guest Speaker: Dean of Students Allen Groves

    * Dean Groves spoke briefly. He was the interim dean last year and hired as permanent dean of Students this year. His position of Dean of Students includes being the dean for Graduate Students. One of his concerns about graduate students is their isolation from the general student body. He is particularly looking at ways to integrate international students, but it is something that needs improvement in general. He wanted us to know that he is willing to listen to anything that we want to bring before him.
    * Since the last meeting, Dean Groves has already gotten GSASC on the list of student groups that get preference on getting meeting space each semester in Newcomb.

Old Business

    * We approved minutes from Dec meeting unanimously.
    Pres. (John Burke)
      * John spoke a little about how to proceed with Proposal for Grad Student support and space on campus.
    1st VP (Isaah Vincent)
      * Nothing to report
    2nd VP (Elizabeth Head)
      * Elizabeth reported on the SHIC's successful new contract with Aetna Student Health. The premium will go up 6% (after a 7% decrease last year), but include an additional 20 mental health visits per year for a total of 40 covered.

    Treasurer (Matt Rannals)

      * Matt reported that the budget seems to be on track for the year. We have spent about half of what we expected to spend this year last semester. There is still on word on our final budget for the year.
    Stud-Co (David Hondula)
      * Dave reported that Stud-Co has lost a lot of its non-Student Activity Fee funding - their budget is a little tighter this year.
    Judiciary and Social Committee (Alex Garcia)
      * Next Happy Hour to be held Feb. 19, 7-9 pm at Baja Bean Co.
      * Alex reported that the motion to increase undergraduate representatives from 3 to 5 did not pass.
    Honor (Heather Mastapeter)
      * (Both grad positions will be open for next year so please consider running for election and encourages your colleagues to do the same.) University elections will be held the week of Feb. 16 and you can vote online. Neal Fox (running for Stud-Co president and who will be a 1st year grad student next year) came to the meeting to ask for our support in his campaign.
    Research Committee (Ken Price)
      * Huskey is still in need of Judges for paper panels. There is a free lunch included for faculty who are willing to serve as judges.

New Business

    * Budget Allocations:
      * Huskey Research Exhibition
        * Our biggest academic event

        * Outside funding of $10,000
        * Voted unanimously to fund Fund in Full at $3056
      * IM Graduate Student Teams:
        * Budgeted $2000 for year (didn't use in fall).
        * 10 teams/season @ $50 per team
        * Recommend to fund this season in full at 500
        * Voted unanimously to fund at $800 to cover the 6 teams who requested funding for the first spring season and 10 possible teams for the second spring season.
      * Jefferson Lecture in Chemistry
        * Voted unanimously to fund in full at $500
      * German Student Conference
        * Already funded at $500, asking for additional $500
        * 50 participants
        * Voted not to fund additional request
      * Francophone film festival
        * 5 films
        * We would be paying distribution fees for 1 or 2
        * Voted unanimously to fund in full at $500
      * Art and Architecture Graduate Symposium
        * 6 grad student speakers and 1 keynote, 120 participants
        * Voted unanimously to fund $500 of requested $1500
      * Italian Short Film Showcase
        * Just in exploration phase, see how other funding develops
        * Voted unanimously to fund at $300 of $650 requested
      * Classics Colloquium
        * Previously funded at $500 asking for additional $500
        * 7 grad speakers, 100 participants
        * Voted unanimously to Fund an additional $300
      * Multicultural communities
        * New event from dept of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
        * Voted unanimously to fund $300 of requested $800
      * Grad Student Yoga
        * Budget for $1000/semester
        * Requesting $1440, but need 2 grad teachers to meet demand
        * 1 class, 8 weeks, Saturdays 12-1:30pm (or 4-5:30pm)
        * Proposal finalized after budget meeting so no recommendation
        * We voted not to fund at this time (4 For, 7 Opposed)

    Departmental Concerns

      * We should try to have council members attend events that we are funding to see how they go.
      * We now have GSASC letterhead paper! Alex has paper and pdf versions.