Meeting Minutes- 28 February 2011

  • Meeting convened in the Newcomb Hall Back Room at 6 pm

New Business

    Funding Requests
      * Happ Hour: $400. passes unanimously
      * Chemistry Lecture: $350. passes unanimously
      * GBS Bus to Foxfield: motion to not fund. passes unainmously
      * Grad Week Event: fund up to $500 for event on the Range. passes unanimously
    Elections will be held next meeting Honor Representatives
      * Motion to confirm Eric Merkel. Approved unanimously
      * Motion to confirm Emily Charnock. Approved unaimously
    Graduate Week
      * Activity fair likely not happening
      * Events:
        - 28 March: Huskey Exhibition
        - 29 March: "Research" Focus
        - 30 March: "Teaching and Career"
        - 31 March: "Living"
Reports and Old Business
    Officers / Chairs / Special Representatives
        * Graduate connections email will go out tomorrow. Please submit discussion items.
      Life Commitee / 1st VP
        * There are concerns the Back Room graduate student space is under-utilized. There was open discussion on why this was the case. It was pointed out that the room isn't reservable and so can't be used for TA space or holding class-related events. Also, the space is not located near most GSAS departments.
      2nd VP
        * Nothing
        * See above budget requests
      Social Committee
        * Draught Revisions is an informal happy hour style get together.
        * Wine tour: Planned for April, details to come.
        * There were 110 applications to present research at Huskey.
        * Space is slightly limited this year, so will need to see how many presenters can be accomodated.
        * If there is a lack of judges in certain areas, departments will be encouraged to provide additional judges or risk fewer accepted presentations.
      Student Council Rep
        * There is an 18 month renovation ongoing at Newcomb hall.
        * Safe walk program: Similar to Safe Ride, someone will meet you and walk with you. Same phone number as Safe Ride.
        * There is an open forum on 29 March to discuss issues related to UVa Grounds.
        * $1000 scholarships are available from StudCo, see their website for more information.
      Student Health Insurance
        * There was an 8.1% increase in health insurance rates for 2011-2012. This was approved by the Board of Visitors.
        * Co-pays increase by $5.
        * Deductible for prescriptions at the pharmacy is now $100.
        * If the deductible hadn't been increased "non-preferred" drugs would not have been covered in the future.
      Honor Commmittee
        * Student election results will be announced in Jefferson Hall, hotel C.
        * Please fill out the survey about contacting departments.
Departmental Concerns
    * If there are more people interested in working with GSASC than there are available voting positions, establish a named non-voting title for others.
    * Information about the GSASC restruction is not coming out in a consistent way. Work on a town hall to meet with administrators. More info to come.
Meeting adjourned.