Welcome and Introductions

·      Reminder- No Meeting Next Month (January)

·      StudCo Representative Vacancy

·      STEM Demonstration Day- Sanjay Khatri

o   Interest in interdisciplinary science outreach to local schools?

o   WIMS, other departments already have similar events, which are successful.

o   Maybe could be included in Grad Days as a service event?


Committee Updates:


Research Committee – Cory Weller

·      We need to start recruiting a new co-chair (Andrea has resigned) for future years.


Initiatives Committee –Brynn Cook and Dionisios Kavadias

·      Module Feedback – Overwhelming negative feedback:

o   Modules took too much time and were not pertinent to grad students (too focused on undergraduate life). Also, lot of doubt about the efficacy of a sexual misconduct module. Feedback will be presented to the administration.

·      Healthcare Policy Info- Preliminary Findings:

o   UVA health insurance committee data suggests that we have an average health care policy compared to other universities, except we have higher deductibles. Next, we will examine how our policies are changing over time.


Professional Development Committee –Angel Zeigler and Jennifer McDaniels

·      GradDays Schedule Update:

o   Still finalizing the schedule, but GradDays will take place March 21 – 26.


Social Committee –Nick Rich and Akin Odeleye

·      Winter Formal- Jan. 23 co-hosted with Engineering (tentatively at Es Café)


Finance Committee –Kristin Connor and Tony Boese

·      Funding Requests (4)

·      External:

o   Graduate English Student Association Conference ($400) - approved

o   French Film Festival ($300) - approved

o   Sociology Graduate Student Colloquium ($150) - approved

·      Internal:

o   GSAS/GESC Winter Formal ($400) - approved

·      Proposed Sanctions – 1st strike:

o   Debate group overspent their allotted funds - approved

o   Initiatives turned in a late receipt – approved

·      Tony now needs the original physical receipt (and a scanned copy) for reimbursements – hopefully this is temporary.


Next Meeting: Monday, February 1st, 6 PM, Newcomb Gallery