Meeting Minutes- 02 December 2013


Committee Updates:

 Initiatives Committee (Amy):

  • Recruitment for Step Up training:
  • Dean Laushway is looking for at least one grad student from every department to take the training
  • Changing Table Update:
  • Heard back from maintenance regarding locations of changing tables, and there are 8 near central grounds (mostly in newer buildings)
  • Looking to reach out to GFHA to make them aware of the locations
  • Winner Dinner Followup:
  • Looking to recognize graduate students for awards they receive within their departments
  • Trying to find an appropriate venue, administration is looking for feedback

Budget Committee (Danielle):

  • Huskey Research Exhibition
  • Request $2150, recommend $2150
  • Approved unanimously

Pro Dev (Ben):

  • Rooms are being booked for GradDays, waiting on Newcomb Scheduler
  • Looking to get in contact with other schools to help plan other events

Social (Trish):

  • Horse and Hound recap:
  • Cup sales went well, sold ~40 cups
  • Attendance ~70, but most left early because it took quite awhile to get drinks, need to look for larger venues
  • We invited the med school, and a lot of them came
  • Need to be mindful of the fact that while other schools are smaller, they have a higher percentage of attendance at social events than we do, so if we invite them, we need to be prepared

Finance Reminder (Nivi):

  • Itemized receipts are REQUIRED for reimbursements
  • Also try to keep reimbursements under $500 per bill (if the charge is more than that, try to break it up into multiple checks). This makes it easier for Lloyd to process, and avoids having taxes taken out of your reimbursement

No meeting in January, next meeting is Monday, February 3rd