Minutes for April 6, 2015

Committee Updates:

Social Committee (Next event is at last week of April  - Mono Loco, social requested money for food but finance is encouraging )

May - Coffee/Cookie/Doughnut event during finals week. Held somewhere on campus. May 5.

Another event during Memorial Day weekend - Similar to tailgate, beer, food and games; rent out a garden.

Professional Development Committee - Much thanks to all who helped with Grad Days.

Research Committee - Huskey Exhibition started out Grad Days, thanks to those who helped. Prizes were sent out this past weekend.

Initiatives Committee - Still working on white paper for sexual harassment policy; the most recent policy was released last week. SAGE was involved with Days on the Hill. Currently looking to recruit a new representative for UVA's position with SAGE.

Finance Committee -

Mono Loco - Encouragement to spend money $700, passed unanimously

Economic Research Colloquium - Requested $900, passed unanimously

Fund the website - Requested $80, passed unanimously


President (Ben Vaughan) - passed unanimously

VP of Administration (Stephanie Miller Lehman) - passed

VP of Operations (Mike Laforest) - passed

VP of Communications (Mike Hague) - passed

VP of Finance (Tony Boese) - passed

Initiatives (Brynn Cook and Dionisios Kavadias) - passed

Professional Development (Angela Zeigler) - passed

Research (Andrea Daamen and Cory Weller) - passed

Finance (Vacant)

Social Co (Nick Rich and Akin Odeleye) - passed

Honor (Olivia Sabik and Brynn Cook) - passed

StudCo (Patrick King and Andrew Apicello) - passed

UJC - (Vacant)