MEETING MINUTES- 07 April 2014


New GSAS External Award Policy  (Deans Philip Zelikow and Ed Barnaby):

  •  Because external funds were handled differently in different departments in GSAS, a standard expectation concerning external awards and school stipend was created
  •  “A student is eligible to receive GSAS fellowship stipend and assistantship wages in combination with externally awarded living support up to a maximum threshold of 130% of the standard living support offered by the student’s program that academic year.”
  • If award/fellowship(s) is/are greater than 130% of living support from GSAS, then student receives additional amount
    • External award always goes to student – only a matter of how much GSAS offsets it
  • If a student receives multi-year external funding of entire stipend, only one year of additional funding from GSAS is available afterwards (in order to offset years of support for another student)
  • GSAS was subsidizing undergraduate instruction by graduate students that was supposed to support these graduate students regardless of teaching – the available funds for this opportunity has now been decreased – over time will likely have fewer TA positions available
  • Case by case in regards to transition students under the older budget in regards to this policy


Appointments for Ex-Officio Positions (all appointed):

  • StudCo: Patrick King (Astronomy), Second Rep Needed!
  • Honor Committee: Ben Liebov (Chemistry), Alex Morgan (Enviro Sci)
  • University Judiciary Committee: Jarek Ervin (Music), Second Rep Needed!


Committee Updates:

  • Research Committee (Diana Dinescu):
    • Huskey was a success and thankful for all volunteers that showed up
    • Will have a recap meeting in a month to go over feedback and all are welcome
    • If interested in joining the committee, contact Diana
  • Professional Development Committee (Jef Pierce):
    • GradDays was a success despite having to cancel the Career & Networking event that will be postponed to another date
    • The postponed BBQ & Fun Day plus happy hour will be on April 12
    • Please take flyers to get the word out about the BBQ that will have giveaways and free food
  • Social Committee (Brett Chancellor):
    • St. Patrick’s Day Happy Hour was phenomenal
    • Upcoming happy hour in April is the postponed event from GradDays at Wild Wing Cafe on April 12 with a starting time of 6 or 7pm to be determined
  • Initiatives Committee (Alec Hickmott):
    • Waiting for feedback about graduate housing
    • Items for discussion at next Monday’s meeting include the continued discussion of total advising and the new award policy
    • Will put together topics and questions from representatives for a meeting with Deans Zelikow and Barnaby
  • Finance Committee (Danielle Racke):
    • Maintenance of GSASC Website
      • Request $231.95, Recommend $231.95
      • Approved unanimously

Meeting Adjourned, next meeting is 5/5 in Newcomb Gallery