Meeting Minutes- 04 April 2011

  • Meeting convened in the Newcomb Hall Back Room at 6 pm

New Business

    Funding Requests
      * Happy Hour (McGrady's, 22 April): $400. passes unanimously
      * Wine Tour: $383.25 for the bus (trip is already full and has a waitlist). passes unanimously
      * Advertising for GSASC Restructuring Town Hall. $100, passes unanimously.
      * First Harmonics Spring Concert: $450 for sound equipment, passes unanimously.
      * GBS Spring Symposium. $700 to cover expenses not including food. passes unanimously.
Reports and Old Business
    Officers / Chairs / Special Representatives
        * Graduate connections email will go out tomorrow. Please submit discussion items.
      2nd VP
        * Send George (gcp8y at virginia) your name, email, and department so the GSASC website can be updated.
        * See above budget requests
      Student Council Rep
        * 07 April: Transgender forum in Clark hall
        * 10 - $1000 scholarships are available. Applications are due 18 April
        * The University is in the middle of a campaign to increase the amount of money that can be spent per undergraduate student (from $8k/year to $24k/year).
GSAS Restructuring

    There was discussion on some restructuring of the exec board to address workload issues this year. There was a general consensus that the VP positions should be separated from committee positions, and the VP positions should be more active in supporting the President. There appeared to be a sufficient number of people willing to put in 30 min/week for GSASC that it would be feasible to create additional positions with lighter workloads.

    * Motion to separate Life Committee duties from the 1st VP position. Seconded and passed unanimously

      * Mike Schreck nominated.
      * Ilon Weeldreyer nominated.
      * Mike S. declines nomination.
      * Ilon running unopposed, selected as President.
    1st Vice President
      * Mike S. nominated, withdrawn.
      * George Privon nominated. running unopposed, selected as 1st VP.
    2nd Vice President
      * Mike S. nominated, running unopposed, selected as 2nd VP.
      * Mike Dillon nominated, running unopposed, selected as Treasurer.
    Life Committee
      * Co-chairs: Elizabeth Ladner and Crystal Richardson
    Social Committee
      * Co-chairs: Stephanie Demperio and Tanwa (Oat) Arpornthip
    Huskey (Research) Committee
      * Co-chairs: Shawn Fahl and Evan Joslin
    Student Health Insurance Committee
      * Jed Verity
    University Judiciary Committee
      * 2 positions available: Kosta Popovic and Madison Stellfox
    Student Council
      * 2 positions available: Dave Hondula and Shaili Shah
Meeting adjourned.