Thank you to those who participated in The 2016 Huskey Graduate Research Exhibition!

The Robert J. Huskey Graduate Research Exhibition, held yearly on grounds, is a forum for students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to showcase their research to faculty, graduate students, and the community. This year, over 100 graduate students delivered oral and poster presentations, with over $8000 awarded in cash prizes.
The full program (including abstracts) from the 2016 Huskey Exhibition can be viewed HERE.


Winning Presentations

Public Policies and Incentives

1st Prize: Lucy Guarnera

Structure and Function, Big and Small

1st Prize: Brittany Earnest

2nd Prize: Nick Troup

3rd Prize: Sean Linden

Cancer and Immunology

1st Prize: Claudia Han

2nd Prize: Salome Boroda

Physical Science and Math Posters

1st Prize: Paul Diver

2nd Prize: Katy Wilson

Frontiers of Disease Research

1st Prize: Sarah Gray

2nd Prize: Emily Andre

3rd Prize: Ying Wang

The Art and Science of Education

1st Prize: Sierra Eisen

2nd Prize: Kelly Hoffman

Perception and Understanding

1st Prize: Rebecca Weast

2nd Prize: Veronica Weser

3rd Prize: Shaina Rowell

Growth, Recovery and Energy

1st Prize: Sarah Pollock

2nd Prize: Becky Wilson

Detection and Resolution

1st Prize: Adam Fallon

2nd Prize: Madelaine Denno

Political Systems and Cultural Impacts

1st Prize: Dannah Dennis

Microscopic Manipulation

1st Prize: Jason Kuhn

2nd Prize: Shifeng Nian

Biological and Biomedical Science Posters 1

1st Prize: John Leonard

2nd Prize: Mahesh Murugesan

3rd Prize: Olga Askinazi

Mental Health, Development, and Goal Achievement

1st (tie) Prize: Diana Dinescu

1st (tie) Prize: Alexandra Werntz

Religion's Unexpected Influences

1st Prize: Caitlin Hamilton

2nd Prize: Swati Chawla

Biological and Biomedical Science Posters 2

1st Prize: Cheng Yang

2nd Prize: Lauren Biwer

Environmental Politics, Ethics and Aesthetics

1st Prize: Jon Bellona

2nd Prize: Luke Kreider

Representations and Models

1st Prize: Tyler Santander

2nd Prize: Charlie Glaser

Representations of Race and Gender

1st Prize: Rachel Trapp

2nd Prize: Indu Ohri

Pathogens, Parasites and Cellular Conflict

1st Prize: Phillip Yen

2nd Prize: Stephanie Ragland

Social and Behavioral Science Posters

1st Prize: Jessica Taggart


Note: The number of prize slots for a session was determined by the number of presenters who participated in that session

  • 3-4 presenters: 1 prize
  • 5-6 presenters: 2 prizes
  • 7-8 presenters: 3 prize