2019-2020 Finance committee meetings

All Finance Committee meetings occur on the following Mondays from 6:00 - 7:00pm in 115 Cocke Hall:

9/30, 10/28, 11/25.

Funding Requests

The Graduate Student Council allocates a portion of its budget to funding events that seek to promote the academic and social experiences of the graduate student body. Our mission is to help graduate students foster intellectual development and promote interdisciplinary comradery. Graduate students in GSAS may apply for funding from the Graduate Council.

Funding Process/Procedures:

If you wish to receive funding, you must:

1)    Review our full finance policy. This document describes the process by which one can obtain GSASC funds, eligibility requirements for obtaining funding, the rules for spending those funds, and instructions for what to do after the event. Students from any organization outside of the Council should pay particular attention to the section of the policy on external funding requests. Members of the GSASC Social Committee should see especially the section on internal requests.

2)    Submit a General Funding Request Form. For intramural sports funding, complete the IM Funding Request Form. GSASC is interested in funding IM teams composed of members from multiple departments. Only requests submitted via the Graduate Council website will be considered for approval. Those requesting funds will receive an email notification inviting them to present at the next GSASC Finance Committee Meeting (schedule listed above), which is mandatory.

3)    If your funding request is approved, review the instructions in the funding policy when spending those funds and submit all necessary documentation to the Vice President for Finance, Brett Evans, within two weeks after the event. Reimbursement forms and PTAO/PO forms can be found on our What to Do After a GSASC Funded Event page.

Be sure to review our Guidelines for Spending GSASC Funds prior to spending any money that has been allocated.


A list of events previously funded by GSASC can be found here.

Please contact Brett Evans or Nick Scott with questions concerning funding eligibility and procedures.